Saturday, November 23, 2013

Electronics for Kids

I found a great product that makes building electronic circuits super easy & FUN for kids - it's called littleBits . littleBits are small electronic pieces that can be put together in all sorts of different ways to create circuits that make things move, light up, buzz, etc. All the pieces snap together magnetically & the littleBits website is full of ideas. For my second graders first littleBits creation, I chose an artbot (a robot that vibrates and creates unique artwork!) idea submitted by The Maker Mom.

My students snapped together a 9V battery power source and an extender wire. They then connected a vibrator motor to a cup that we taped markers to. Connected the motor to the wire, flipped the power source switch to the ON position and TADA!!! The artbots started vibrating all over the white paper, creating these cool designs!!

My students loved making these! What a fun way to teach the basics of a closed circuit along with some robotics and engineering lessons.

Have you seen this video that has gone viral? As of today, it's been viewed over 7 million times! It's advertising a product called Goldie Blox that encourages girls to be engineers.
Must buy for my kids!!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  1. Oh my gosh, both of these are wonderful! My daughter is so interested in science and technology and wants to join the STEM program for girls next year. I can't wait to show her the art bot! And I think I found a new item to the Xmas list. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    1. Hi PMP! That's great your daughter is interested in STEM!! I haven't tried GoldieBlox yet but looks great & the Rube Goldberg contraptions on the video are so cool. Happy Holidays!

  2. Fantastic!! I'm a teacher of KS2 Science and was looking for some experiments to do with electricity - this one will be great if I can find the materials!!!1


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