Friday, November 1, 2013

NGSS Kindergarten Weather Standard

I love watching my little engineers create!! I added the new Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) for Weather & Climate to my Kindergarten science curriculum  & my kids LOVED the Monster Shade Challenge! I made up a little story of monsters who love to play in the sun but get very hot. They need a shade structure & I left it up to my little 5 year olds to create such a structure that would block the sun & significantly reduce the temperature. Here are some of their awesome creations:

The new Kindergarten standards:

I am always amazed at how creative they are!! When we tested our structures in the sun, each made at least a 10 degree difference in temperature. This activity is a part of my Weather & Temperature packet which you can pick up here. Hope you had a great Halloween!!


  1. My Little Learners are mid way through a Weather unit right now but I haven't even thought of this activity. They will love it. Thanks for sharing. You must be thrilled with the outcomes. Trusting my Kindergarteners are just as creative.
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

    1. I wasn't sure if my kinders would be up to the challenge but they proved me wrong! They were so enthusiastic & creative,learning on their own through trial and error - it was a great experience for all! Let me know if you try it with your kids Julie!

  2. I love your building ideas. I bet the kids do, too!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs
    I'm having an easy giveaway at Grade ONEderful. Hope you stop by:)

  3. I love this idea for engineering!

  4. I am working in FOSS on air and weather. I love this idea for my second graders! We build our own weather station, but adding a STEM lesson isn't always easy. Thanks for sharing! I am working on a push and pull lesson for my kinders as they build. Can't wait to share, too.



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