Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blubber Glove

 I asked my kindergarteners if they liked being in the ocean when it's really cold - they all answered a resounding NO! So then I asked them - what do you think it feels like to be a beluga or a polar bear? A mammal that swims in the freezing cold Arctic Ocean? How can they possibly keep warm? Blubber!
Here's the blubber glove we made out of Crisco vegetable shortening:

We put our hands in ice water with & without the blubber glove - everyone was amazed to feel the difference! Our hands were so much warmer in the blubber glove! We looked at some slides I made up of mammals with blubber:
Next week we'll continue with our blubber lessons & learn all about whales. We'll be making this cute little whale out of a Dixie cup:

I just put the whole lesson up on TpT.  I'll send it to the first 2 names below, just leave me your email!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Surface Tension Fun

 This is a great experiment for kids - easy, nothing fancy to purchase and has the WOW factor that makes science experiments so much fun! All you need is a bowl of water, pepper or glitter and dish detergent. Sprinkle the glitter over the surface of the water. The glitter will float due to the water's surface tension. Dip your finger into dish detergent, then put it into the middle of the glitter and WHOOSH!!!! the glitter goes flying to the sides of the bowl creating a huge clear area in the center! It happens really fast, many screams! We did this experiment 3 times yesterday & changed up some variables.
First we used pepper:

Then we used glitter to see if the same thing will happen (yes!).
Then we added TONS of glitter to see if the same results occur (no!).

My students had to answer these questions along the way:
-Why is the glitter floating and not sinking? (Water is made of molecules that "hold hands" - these molecules create something called surface tension - things will float on water as long as that surface tension is not broken.)
-Why does the glitter  run to the sides of the bowl when we put a soapy finger in the middle? (Soap breaks the surface tension of water. The water molecules run away from the soap, carrying the glitter with them!)
-Why won't this experiment work if we add too much glitter? (There is no where for the water & glitter to move to, we created a glitter traffic jam!)
-What are some other ways we can change up the experiment? (See if hot water works, seltzer, oregano, what else can we think of to experiment with?)
My 2/1/13 blog post on The Scientific Method has a freebie that you can use with this experiment.

Have fun!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A cloud in a cup!

My first graders have been learning all about the water cycle. They especially loved our cloud activities! I've been seeing this activity all over Pinterest & I finally tried it, it was so much fun! 
Everyone filled their plastic cups  with water and then they predicted what would happen if we added colored water on top of shaving cream "clouds". We talked about how water evaporates and then condenses into clouds. When clouds become too full, it rains! This was such a fun cloud model - my students used pipettes to drop colored water on top of their clouds until the clouds were so full, they rained a rainbow down into the water.

We made cute little pet clouds using cotton balls - I'll be posting pics soon!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Write your name in elements!

I introduced my third grade Science Club students to the Periodic Table today. We looked at some of the more common elements such as oxygen & carbon, I explained to them basic atomic structure (protons, neutrons, electrons) & everyone drew an atom. After showing them the Periodic Table, it was time to have some fun seeing if we could create our names out of the element symbols! Not every letter is represented in the table but it was fun to try to see how many we could find and it was a great way to acquaint my kids with the Periodic Table!

If your kids need some extra help with this, this is a great web site to use: http://www.lmntology.com. Just type in your name or a word or a phrase & it will find the elements that fit. Click on any of the above pics for a copy of the worksheets. Happy weekend!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

What Dissolves? Freebie Lab

I love doing this lab with my first graders - it is such a great way to introduce them to predicting and experimenting. I love how they work at their own pace with this lab- they do not have to test things in order, they just have to remember to record their data!

Pick up a copy of this free lab at my TpT store by clicking on any of the images!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Super Fun Chemistry Experiment

My kids LOVE this one:

I'm thrilled to be a guest blogger on The Applicious Teacher's blog! Leigh is so creative and so sweet,  & I just love her ideas! 

You can pick up my freebie "Chemistry for Kids" by clicking here:

Leigh made up a cute expository writing assignment freebie to go along with my lab. You can pick up a copy by clicking on her blog button above. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pet Rocks!

My sweet little first graders had sooo much fun wrapping up our geology unit by making these cute little pet rocks!
We made soap boxes into little homes for our rocks, they came out so cute!.

We talked about the different types of rocks - sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic.  Everyone was amazed to learn that their little pet rock was at least one million years old! We found the mass, length, and width of each rock, recorded our data & taped it onto the pet rock's home. 

My students came up with the cutest names for their rocks! Rocksy, Rocky, Rock Star, Rockarella, Stonarella, - just to name a few! We talked about how scientists use the metric system and we made all of our measurements using metric system. It was such a fun way to wrap up our geology unit:

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